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February 19, 2019
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Servant LeadershipBeing an humble servant leader is a daunting task. Serving others is hard work. When someone gives their all in service of another or in support of a cause it’s easy to feel physically or emotionally depleted.

Serving others is also challenging because we may not know if our efforts have been appreciated or understood by those we have attempted to help. We may feel frustrated, experience heartache, or even endure physical discomfort in order to carry out our responsibilities.

Servant leaders go about their work without complaining or keeping score of who was grateful and who was not. They press on even in the face of obstacles. They model a persistent, caring attitude and spirit.

Most of today’s leaders have a different agenda. They look for ways to maintain control, impose their will on others, and punish those who disagree or oppose their plans.

Some of those leaders will be successful, in spite of this punitive approach, because of their wealth, position, or social status. They may even be able to distance themselves from the negative consequences of their actions. I guess that is lucky for them, but I prefer a different way.

My vision invites more leaders to embrace the attributes of humble servant leadership. The idea of putting the needs of others before your own, of showing love and care for those you serve, is deeply appealing and largely absent in today’s workplaces.

There is growing evidence that humble servant leadership is good for business and great for people. How will you model this approach to leadership in 2016?

Ken Byler

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