Building Strong Teams Testimonials
April 3, 2020
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Building Strong Teams Testimonials

“The Five Behaviors®: Personal Development training was time well spent. The information is personalized and practical, and Ken’s warm, inviting style encourages significant reflection and conversation among team members.”

Joe Hackman, Lead Pastor

Salford Mennonite Church

“The most valuable aspect of our Five Behaviors®: Personal Development training event was the way that it fueled our leadership team to have more open and candid conversations with one another about how we function. I am confident that this will empower us to continue to grow stronger, as a team, and will reap added dividends for those whom we serve.”

Ken Burkholder, Pastor

Deep Run East Mennonite Church

“I appreciate the individuality of the Five Behaviors®: Personal Development profile, and I think all of us agree that it is amazingly accurate to who we are as individuals. The corporate discussion and processing have been rich, and it certainly has encouraged us, and will continue to be helpful in our group dynamics.”

Jeff Hollenbach, Interim Administrator

Blooming Glen Mennonite Church

“Ken’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ program is a no-nonsense approach to building a truly collaborative team. The work is completed in a supportive and non-threatening environment. It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about understanding and effectively engaging one another’s communication styles and “go to” thought processes to build upon each person’s strengths. The “Five Behaviors” bridges and celebrates differences to create the best possible environment for personal and team success— ensuring superior outcomes for our clients. We are eager to put it into practice as it will strengthen our company’s commitment to a culture of collaboration. A great investment that will return big rewards!

Nancy Dunleavy, Founder and CEO

Dunleavy & Associates

“On behalf of the North Penn High School administrative team, I would like to thank Mr. Ken Byler for sharing his expertise with us.  Because of our time spent with Mr. Byler, I am certain that we now have the tools to make our team more effective and more efficient which will, in turn, allow us to have more fun!  I look forward to seeing how this training will help us for years to come as we serve the faculty, staff, students, and community of North Penn High School.”

Todd M. Bauer, Principal

North Penn High School

“The DISC model was an excellent means to build team understanding and cohesion, which led to practical goal setting.  Ken did a wonderful job of facilitating complex conversations!”

Sam Varano, Principal

Souderton Area High School

“Ken changed our team for the better.  He brought us from a shallow non-combative team of non-trust to one who is willing to fight for what is right (in a supportive and trusting way), to making decisions across the board that are moving us to the goals we all wanted in the first place, and that is to really grow the organization both in leadership and in profits. This truly was a win-win proposition for us all. We are a better team because of Ken.”

Susan V. Daywitt, CEO

SLM – Facility Solutions Nationwide

“Our experience engaged with Ken throughout the program of “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” has helped to transform the working relationship of my team. Ken’s relaxed style as a facilitator was able to put the team at ease and provided us with a safe environment to explore differences in DiSC style and areas of conflict. His knowledge of the program helped us to understand the material and work on action planning for each step of the five behaviors needed to build a cohesive team. As a result of our working through this program we agreed to make changes to our team meeting structure, learned how to engage in productive conflict and are focusing on building vulnerability based trust. My team continues to be a work in progress but with the program building blocks I feel we will continue to become stronger together.”

Patricia Lee, Director of IT Services

Living Branches

For a Progress Report Session: “Ken’s facilitation of team improvement is excellent! He is very good at letting the conversation drive the content, rather than the content restrict the conversation. The Progress Report was particularly helpful, and it was great to see that action items and goals that our team developed one year prior were directly related to our improvement.”

Sam Varano, Principal

Souderton Area High School