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May 23, 2019
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Surprising Service

ssnThis past Friday my wife and I paid a visit to the Social Security Administration office in Allentown on a mission to navigate the final phase of a bureaucratic problem with her social security card. We had discovered a day earlier that none of their account records reflected her married name (even though she had a printed card with the correct number and name in her possession).

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IRS Building in WashingtonWatching officials from the Internal Revenue Service carefully parse their answers, or plead the Fifth, during testimony before Congress was a lesson in leadership arrogance and unaccountability. I wondered if they realized it was their “bosses” who were sitting across the room asking those tough questions. If I had behaved in a similar fashion with any of my supervisors over these past 40 years I’m pretty sure I would have been fired, or at the very least, reprimanded.

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Birds of a Feather

birds on wireA recent Harvard Business Review article revealed some interesting research about the perceived power of influence. While marketers spend millions to tap this power of influence among early adopters of their products or services, there is growing evidence that the money they spend may have little or no impact.

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