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June 20, 2019
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Birds of a Feather

birds on wireA recent Harvard Business Review article revealed some interesting research about the perceived power of influence. While marketers spend millions to tap this power of influence among early adopters of their products or services, there is growing evidence that the money they spend may have little or no impact.

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Candid Conversations

Suggestion BoxThis past week three State Department officials testified under oath before a House committee about what they knew and observed regarding Benghazi, a story that has mostly been used as political grist since the incident took place on September 11 and 12 of last year. Their accounts seemed credible and apolitical. That’s what made them so compelling.

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Influential Leadership

Influence ImageThroughout our lives there will always be people trying to exercise some level of authority and influence over us. Parents, for example, begin this process when we are still quite young, and a few never seem to learn when to loosen their grip over the various aspects of our lives they deem as important.

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