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September 20, 2019
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Being Bored

Bored WomanOne of the lessons I learned while growing up on a farm was the importance of allowing fields to regenerate their soil.  The term we used was “lying fallow” and it meant that a particular parcel of ground was left to its own devices for a planting season.  Without the stress of producing a crop the land could rest and important nutrients could be restored for the following year.

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Just the Right Size

GentlenessYesterday (August 10) my wife and I attended a funeral for my uncle Marvin Byler, dad’s older brother. His unexpected passing leaves one remaining sibling from this original family of six boys. It became apparent during our celebration of uncle Marv’s life that his 89 years was marked by a true spirit of gentleness.

Aristotle defined gentleness as “halfway between excessive anger and indifference” a far cry from the self-debasing weakness that is often associated with this important quality in one’s character. Uncle Marv was described as a kind and amiable person who welcomed everyone and had a servant’s heart.

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Number 42

Jackie RobinsonThis weekend I enjoyed viewing the film 42, a biographical sports movie about the life of Jackie Robinson. As major league baseball’s first African-American player who debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in1947, Robinson endured a seemingly endless string of racial slurs, hostile crowd reactions, intentional knockdown pitches, and even death threats. He managed to overcome these challenges without losing his temper and eventually won the respect of teammates, opposing players, and skeptical fans through his talents as a baseball player.

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