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February 25, 2020
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A Practical Life

Thomas JeffersonMy son presented me with a surprise gift this past Christmas—a copy of Jon Meacham’s book, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.  As someone who loves history and has visited Jefferson’s Monticello home outside Charlottesville, Virginia, this gesture was met with enthusiasm, albeit the challenge of consuming more than 500 pages and another 200 plus pages of notes is quite daunting.

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Make Hope More Than a Dream

Hope Quote MLKAs our nation celebrates another Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday tomorrow I was reminded of a blog post I wrote in 2011 that addressed one of the central themes of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech delivered on August 28, 1963.  I am including excerpts from the speech at the beginning and end of my own updated musings on the topic of hope.

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Table Manners

Table EtiquetteI have never been invited to a state dinner at the White House but I’m sure there is a clear protocol for where guests are seated in relation to the president and first lady.  Perhaps this is determined by how much money one has donated to the campaign or the position one currently holds, or has held, in public office. 

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