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May 23, 2019
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Leading on the Margins

ShipI doubt if many of today’s Fortune 1000 company leaders are really in touch with the persons they have been called to serve. When someone has reached the pinnacle of business power and position it’s far too easy to forget where they started or to acknowledge that staying in touch with their roots might be a valuable leadership practice.

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Mad About March

March Madness BracketsCollege basketball fans are mad about March. The official NCAA trademarked phrase is March Madness and refers to the excitement of their annual men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. Over the past twenty years it has evolved into one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year.

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Another Way to Be and to Lead

Pope FrancisThis past week the Catholic church elected a new pope. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not what most experts were predicting. He is older (75), the first Jesuit to lead the church, hails from Argentina, and is known to live simply and love the poor. Francis is the name he chose as his papal title and even that decision is sending a message that this new leader will be different.

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