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May 23, 2019
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No Excuses

BlameSince I have been writing weekly blog posts for nearly seven years it is likely that most leadership topics of any substance have been addressed at one time or another. My writing inspiration comes from many different sources. This week it was the depth of confession and repentance exhibited by the biblical character, Daniel, that caught my attention.

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Staying On Course

Phone Map AppI love Google Maps, especially the user friendly app that currently graces a prominent place on my iPhone screen. With a few quick taps I can identify my destination (the app already knows my current location) and launch turn-by-turn navigation that once was reserved for dashboard GPS products like Tom Tom, Garmin, and Magellan. A friendly computer generated voice reminds me of approaching turns and re-calibrates my route if I stray off course.

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Entitled to My Opinion

Opinion IconHave you ever tried to reason with someone who disagrees with your version of the truth? It’s tough to have a conversation, even a thoughtful one, when the other person so tenaciously sticks to their point of view, even in the face of evidence that shows they could be wrong. Psychologists might define this behavior as cognitive dissonance, where a person’s view of themselves clashes with their performance in any area. Lance Armstrong’s longstanding denial of using performance enhancing drugs is an example of this type of thinking. He is both a winner and a loser; a hero to some and a villain to others.

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