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November 16, 2019
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A Family Affair

The “BByler Boys Photoyler Bash” is how my biological family describes our biennial gatherings that take place the third weekend of July at a mountain retreat in central Pennsylvania. Like any reunion, we eat together and spend time catching up on all the many happenings in our busy lives. Since we live in different parts of the state and country it usually isn’t possible for every family member to attend, but we enjoy the company of everyone who does show up.

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Waiting Patiently

Waiting (Watch)The topic of waiting has been a subject for several of my blog posts over the years. It emerged again this week because of a conversation with a young father from my church who is battling leukemia and has been in the hospital the past 27 days. In a recent conversation he shared how difficult it has been to wait, especially for test results.

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Compelling Communication

Gettysburg AddressThis past week marked the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. It has been a busy week in this small borough in the heart of Adams County Pennsylvania where thousands of civil war reenactors and more than 150,000 visitors celebrated the sesquicentennial event. The battle that raged in the farmland around this now peaceful town claimed over 51,000 casualties and is considered the turning point in our nation’s civil war.

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