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February 25, 2020
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It’s Hard to Execute

Project ExecutionAs I hinted in last week’s blog post, talk is cheap.  If you are a leader who loves to tout the virtues of every decision and pontificate the benefits of each newly minted policy or procedure perhaps it is time to pause and consider a rather boring fact.  Your ideas and visions won’t matter much unless you have the skills to successfully implement them.

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The Gift of Gab

Taling Too MuchWe all know people who love to talk.  My mom has the ability to initiate a conversation with anyone she meets, from perfect stranger to lifetime friends.  There are times when I wish I could emulate her gift of gab, especially during the many social networking events I am expected to attend as part of my work.  Alas, the introvert in me prefers to listen more than talk in these settings.

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Celebrating Teamwork

PNC ParkThis weekend my favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, (don’t laugh) celebrated their first winning season since 1992 when they clinched a post-season spot and earned the right to play at home for the deciding wild card game this coming Tuesday. 

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