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June 21, 2018
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Being Frank

CriticismMost leaders I know aren’t enamored with being criticized. We are quick to defend ourselves against any verbal assault, valid or otherwise. Instead of viewing negative feedback as an opportunity for improvement, we tend to dismiss whatever truth might be lurking in the words and assume the other person is only out to hurt us.

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Missing My Dad

Prodigal SonIt has been nearly seven months since my father passed away. Today I’m combining excerpts from a few previous fatherhood posts as a tribute to Dad on this Father’s Day 2013.

My Dad remains a source of love and inspiration. Over 58 years he taught me many valuable and enduring life lessons. Let me name a few that are especially important.

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A Life Story

Abe Alderfer PhotoLeaders emerge in every area of life. Some are more imposing, others quite humble. This past week one of my dear friends and mentors passed away at the age of 90 and I have dedicated this week’s post in his memory. This tribute was shared at his memorial service today (June 9, 2013). I hope it will inspire and encourage you.

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