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April 25, 2019
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Table Manners

Table EtiquetteI have never been invited to a state dinner at the White House but I’m sure there is a clear protocol for where guests are seated in relation to the president and first lady.  Perhaps this is determined by how much money one has donated to the campaign or the position one currently holds, or has held, in public office. 

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Fresh Starts

Snow 2014As a winter storm dropped about six inches of snow on our Perkasie property this past Thursday night and Friday morning, it was a helpful reminder that another year brings with it many opportunities to start fresh. 

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Scrabble™ Lessons

Scrabble BoardThis past week my wife, son, and I enjoyed, what has become an annual family ritual, playing Scrabble™ nearly every night during the Christmas holiday week.  This simple word game is a source of mental stimulation and some friendly competition. 

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