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July 22, 2019
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DestinyDestiny is another word for calling or vocation. It is not always welcomed in a world where career is defined by financial success, social status, and corporate advancement.

Yet, we all know that leading from a sense of duty isn’t very inspiring. That’s because the energy we associate with ego is always seeking its own reward. Egos have needs that drive behavior and influence how we view others and our world.

Destiny is shaped by the deep desires of our soul. It’s more challenging to identify because it is the one true gift each of us is born with – our purpose for being on this earth. We must take the time to discover it and most of us are far too impatient to wait.

My destiny is to discover, nurture, and affirm a lifelong love for learning in myself and others. It is why I believe I was born to be the person that I am. I am inspired by the work I do and often share my love for learning as a volunteer.

Some years ago, I wrote a blog post about the prophet Jonah, from the Biblical text that bears his name. The story is likely not based on an actual person, but the truth it offers about leadership and destiny are still quite valuable.

Jonah’s destiny is a challenging call to prophesy against a nation and people who had killed his father. In the story he runs as far away as he can. Jonah sees this assignment as a duty not a destiny. Eventually a few days in the belly of a large fish teach him the difference between his selfish personal agenda and a larger opportunity to impact a city and nation.

Leaders today would benefit from discovering their destiny rather than serving from a sense of duty. Of course, accepting the gifts you were born with won’t be easy. Years of striving toward the career you may have been forced to choose, or that offers the biggest rewards, likely caused you to lose sight of your true self.

I hope you will find the courage to listen and wait for your destiny to be revealed.

Ken Byler

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