Facilitation - Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC
April 3, 2020
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facilitationAuthor Stephen R. Covey wrote about the importance of planning in his bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  He uses a simple matrix to demonstrate that most leaders spend their time dealing with Urgent issues, the daily tasks that demand our attention.  But what about those Important (but Not Urgent) projects?  Could they hold the key to reducing or eliminating many of the urgent items?  A professional facilitator can design conversations and effective planning events to help leaders discuss what’s really important and use those findings and ideas to change how individuals, teams, and organizations do their work.

Ken has experience facilitating large, community-based events or smaller executive and management team retreats.  His ability to think strategically helps clients clearly identify their expected outcomes so he can design processes and activities to deliver results.  Ken has facilitated board conversations where clarity was needed about a pressing issue.  He has also guided teams in building greater trust, engaging in honest feedback, and setting clear goals.

An outside facilitator allows everyone, including team leaders, to participate.  Sessions can be limited to an hour or expanded over several days.  Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC typically offers fixed pricing for facilitation engagements so organizations know exactly what they will be paying.  Ken is skilled at adjusting the schedule during these events to direct time and energy where it will have the greatest impact.

Ken is certified with The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute in a process called Results-Based Accountability that offers simple, effective approaches to effect large-scale community change.  He also uses the principles of Appreciative Inquiry to help clients plan from a perspective of what’s working versus what’s wrong.