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January 25, 2020
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highlight reelHighlight reels are frequently associated with sports. They typically showcase an outstanding play by an individual or team. This past week featured a dizzying array of pro and college football games. There were plenty of highlight reel moments to go around. As a Penn State football fan, mine were found in the 2019 Cotton Bowl.

On offense, tailback Journey Brown tallied 202 total yards, including two scoring runs of 32- and 56-yards respectively. On defense, Micah Parsons had 14 tackles and two sacks, including one that forced a turnover. Oh, and we won the game too.

Measuring Success

In life and leadership, we all like big, bold successes. Our heroes are often business, political, or sports figures who are known for their ability to win. We love stories where individuals overcome odds to accomplish something great.

How would you measure your own success? Do you have some life film clips that might make a top ten list? Should we be remembered only for the biggest accomplishments of life and work?

“The greatest among you will be your servant.” Matthew 23:11

What if the smallest of deeds might actually be what we are called to perform?

Building a Highlight Reel That Matters

Spectacular moments do get everyone’s attention. A one-handed catch, a successful product launch, or a come-from-behind win are worth noting.

As you reflect on this past year, what spectacular moments did you accomplish? If you are like me, the answer might be none. But what if the small deeds that never make a highlight reel were counted? Here are a few items worth noting from 2019.

  • Being present for the death of a beloved father-in-law.
  • Serving as pastoral visitor with my wife for our faith community. Together we visited older members and those in the hospital or battling illness at home.
  • Donating time for several nonprofit clients to reduce the cost of my consulting services.
  • Mentoring a number of leaders and young professionals.
  • Gathering roadside trash with other members of my local Rotary club.
  • Hosting several complimentary Product Showcase events for clients and prospects.
  • Quietly attempting to inspire personal and professional growth with my writing.

What matters more than any recognized accomplishment are the moments that go unnoticed or seem unimportant. Being generous. Practicing compassion. Showing hospitality. Extending friendship.

This year, commit to keep doing the small things, the seemingly insignificant acts. Perhaps in the midst of those who are least, or last, we will make the biggest impact. That will be a highlight reel worth seeing.

Photo Credit: istockphoto.com

Ken Byler

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