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November 17, 2019
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PurposePurpose is a word we use to describe the reason something is done or why something exists. As I scan the latest news and social media feeds it seems like we are a nation that has lost its purpose. The fact that suicide is among the top ten causes of death in the United States is one indication of how confused and anxious we have become.

Millennials and Gen Z generations are fast becoming the largest population in the workplace. Ironically, they are also the workers and leaders most likely to be affected by depression and anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America report, 91% of Gen Zers felt symptoms associated with stress.

Like many other leaders, I have experienced my share of anxiety and stress. Some of it has been triggered by my tendencies to be a perfectionist. It’s also challenging to be a small business owner. I can easily worry about cash flow or lack of new sales.

A number of years ago I was challenged to commit my business to God and his purposes. While not everyone I work with accepts the concept of a divine creator, I draw my purpose as a leader from my belief in a Higher Power.

I commit myself each day “to discover, nurture, and affirm a lifelong love for learning in myself and others.”

A new Gallup poll shows that church membership among U.S. adults has plummeted by 20% over the past two decades and stands at an all-time low of 50%. With no religious beliefs, or a faith community to offer support, it isn’t surprising that today’s younger generations of workers and leaders are feeling empty and alone.

I’m not suggesting that simply believing in a Higher Power will solve one’s anxiety or cure depression. What I would assert is that knowing you are divinely created and placed on earth for a purpose can make a difference in how you approach work and lead others.

We live in a time when there is lots of stuff we can buy or things we can do to fill the void for meaning that we all crave. None of it will offer lasting satisfaction. It is only when we discover our purpose, and aspire to live it, that we will be fulfilled. Even if you have never considered this choice, I encourage you to make it.

Leading and working with purpose is why I am excited to go to work every day. If you would like to explore your purpose in life or leadership send me an email: ken@highergroundcg.com. Perhaps I can help you on your journey of discovery.

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Ken Byler

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