Services - Higher Ground Consulting Group, LLC
June 28, 2017
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As an instructor, Ken loves the process of learning so his classroom and seminar settings aren’t the typical lecture style so many other presenters use.  Ken designs activities, conversations, and learning processes that engage everyone at a high level so the principles and concepts being taught can be practiced immediately in the workplace.

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Ken’s ability to relate effectively in one-to-one settings builds trust and helps clients achieve their goals.  Using behavioral assessments, clients also learn about their personal priorities in the workplace, preferred leadership approaches, and inherent talents.  It’s a recipe for personal growth and success.

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Teams and organizations need time for growth, development, and planning.  Ken works with clients to identify core issues and hoped for outcomes.  Then he designs processes to support whatever result is desired: developing a cohesive team, exploring a complex problem, or establishing a new vision or strategic plan.

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