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April 25, 2019
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Future of workThe future of work may seem an unlikely title for a leadership post. Over the past number of years, I have been pretty active on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. This past week I found myself immersed in a work trends Twitter chat, something I typically don’t engage in. What did I learn and contribute to the conversation about the future of work?

The work trends topic was inclusion and included these three questions. Here are some of the responses, including my own.

Q1. 25% of workers feel like they don’t belong at their company. What is your organization doing to improve inclusion at work?

  • “Organizations need to stop focusing on yearly goals and pressures and appreciate people’s life goals and involvement, much work needs to be done here.” – Tony Flath
  • “First, understand why they feel they don’t belong. We can spend all the time, money, and energy on programs and initiatives that’ll mean nothing if not done for the right reasons.” – Rachel Harriet

Leaders needs to be more engaged with the people they serve. How will leaders know anyone feels this way if they never ask anyone how they are doing and then really listen to them? Leaders also need to be vulnerable and show employees that their input matters more than the leader’s own need to be right or in control.

Q2. What are the best ideas you’ve seen for improving diversity and inclusion?

  • “We can’t ignore that people communicate and interact in different ways than they did 5-10 years ago. We need to modernize our recruiting approach; treat candidates with the same care we treat customers; and focus on providing a positive candidate experience.” – Hyrell
  • Staffing your leadership team with people of diverse background and perspectives to me is the most impactful practice. It kind of sends a message ‘if we at the top can do it, why can’t you?’” – Dr. Solanki Pramod

I wish we could rid the workplace of labels. When we place people into demographic groups like boomers and millennials we forget they are people with similar aspirations and needs.

Q3. How do you hope work will evolve to become more inclusive in the next 5-10 years?

  • “My hope is that the work on inclusion will involve more listening: it’s best to ask instead of guessing.” – Leela Srinivasan
  • “I hope the workplace will evolve to be more reflective of our world—that it will include perspectives and demographics from different corners—that we will be more accepting of colleagues from different age groups and backgrounds. It’s thru diversity that we can truly innovate.” Theo

I would hope for more awareness of our mutual connections with each other. When I help you thrive, it helps me grow; when you help me thrive, that helps you grow too.

In addition to these three questions and the conversation that ensued, here is an interesting article link to learn more about the future of work from the perspective of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Your thoughts about this topic are welcome. The future of work will impact every leader reading or sharing this post. Are you ready?

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