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July 22, 2019
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transformingTransforming anything involves change. In most organizations, change is either an overused buzzword or what happens when a merger takes place.

Few leaders have the courage necessary to actually model the change they so passionately encourage in those around them. The creative tag line announcing the next transforming initiative bounce harmlessly off the eardrums of employees and customers alike.

Perhaps leaders should engage in transforming themselves before they orchestrate a system-wide process for change. What might that look like?

The dictionary describes transformation as “an act, process, or instance of being transformed.” Transform is defined as “to change in composition or structure; to change in character or condition.” In other words, transformation involves real and sustained change.

I have found that personal and organizational transformation isn’t rooted solely in the promise of some future hope or dream. The ultimate destiny we seek begins with our willingness as leaders to live that future right now.

This work begins when leaders acknowledge the sacred connections between themselves, those they serve, and the universe. Treating employees, vendors, and customers as sacred beings unleashes transforming power within an organization.

It emerges as leading without coercion or fear. It involves practicing servant leadership and loving those you work with.

Transforming leadership empowers others by inviting them to imagine a compelling vision of what the enterprise could become.

What could happen if leaders transformed their own behaviors before inviting others to do the same? Might empty pledges to fix pressing problems be replaced with practical, common sense solutions? Would clever ad campaigns give way to promises kept? Could leaders be revered more for their integrity than perceived intelligence?

Transforming change begins in our hearts and minds. How will you, as a leader, become the change you want others to see? What will you do to get the process started?

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