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November 17, 2019
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cultureThis week I was reminded, on more than one occasion, about the impact of culture in the workplace. I’m defining culture as “an informal combination of behaviors, values, and attitudes that define ‘how we do things’ at work.”

We may not talk about culture at work but most of us feel some pressure to act in a certain way with each other. Group cultures impact our behavior, attitudes, and job satisfaction. Some of us “feel at home ”, others like a “stranger.” Culture impacts how fast work gets done, how detailed we are, and whether our team takes risks.

Group cultures can be strongly influenced by the personality styles of the group leader. Sometime it is the prevailing behavioral styles within a group that determine its culture, things like a strong need for results or a preference for harmony. Even cohesion or tension within the group can create a culture.

Everything DiSC® solutions bring cultures to life and often transform workplace relationships.

Imagine your workplace team looking into a mirror. What reflections of themselves and their own behaviors might they willingly see and acknowledge?

Assessments like Everything DiSC®, when combined with facilitated classroom activities and post-classroom support, allow team members to recognize their workplace priorities, behavioral tendencies, motivators, and stressors. Learners also discover just how complex their teammates are and why their different priorities don’t need to create barriers or added stress.

One reason workplaces often turn toxic is because leaders and team members fail to acknowledge their insecurities. Everything DiSC® creates a common language and encourages everyone to own their strengths and weaknesses. The facilitated sessions invite team members to see themselves through the eyes of others. They foster better communication and more flexibility with the cultural rules everyone is so used to.

It’s time to recognize the important role culture plays in our work environments and invest in proven solutions that can transform them.

To learn more about Everything DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™, visit my website or contact me through my social media channels.

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Ken Byler

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