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July 22, 2019
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WinnersWinners will be front page news again this weekend. As I write this post the countdown is on for Super Bowl LIII. It pits a perennial Super Bowl contender, and five-time champion, against a young upstart team with two Super Bowl appearances and one win to its credit.

Unless you are a Patriots fan, I’m betting most of us will be rooting for the underdog, Rams. Perhaps it’s because we secretly love it when someone unknown or less successful is able to overcome the odds to win at sports, in business, or in life. Those “feel good” moments are heartwarming. More likely it’s because we actually hate winners.

Why do people who achieve success suddenly become the object of our scorn? Perhaps it’s as simple as envy—that most basic human quality that resents anyone who seems luckier, richer, or more talented than we are. Maybe it’s because we believe they aren’t deserving of their achievements—they married into the right family, won the lottery, or cheated along the way.

We seem to accept some early success as long as it doesn’t result in too much winning. It’s a paradoxical way of judging winners.

Perhaps we should focus less on the success winners achieve and more on the mindset and habits that helped them get there in the first place.

For example, winners persist in personal development. They face their fears and work to overcome them. They expect some failures along the way. Winners plan and prepare. They take responsibility for the effort required and the mistakes they will make. They humbly acknowledge those who help them and double down when things get tough.

Perhaps the biggest difference between winners and losers is their mindset. They don’t make excuses, blame others, or allow their ego to be in control. They don’t give up or just follow the crowd.

While I might be cheering against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in this Super Bowl it won’t be because I don’t appreciate them as perennial winners. I just don’t want them to match the six Super Bowl wins by my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers!

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Ken Byler

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