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February 25, 2020
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CelebratingI’m celebrating and I hope my readers don’t mind. On February 10, 2007 my first blog site was launched. Since August 2013 that same blog has been integrated with my firm’s website. In the past 12 years, my weekly posts have attempted to capture what I have been learning about leadership.

I have written nearly 625 posts totaling more than 225,000 words. My topics have included personal struggles, insights from my training and coaching work, reflections about current events, and memories from personal and family experiences.

Celebrating a milestone like this one seems a bit self-serving. My original motivation for starting a blog site was a conversation with a client. He urged me to try it and assured me it would be easy to set up. He even told me he would love to read my thoughts about leadership and share them with his friends and clients.

Since that first post about having the courage to take risks, I have made a disciplined effort to keep writing and growing. It’s been challenging to find new topics each week. Sometimes my posts seem especially inspired; other times not so much.

The advent of social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, have allowed me to reach a wider audience. Infrequently readers will offer comments or express appreciation. Mostly, I have no idea if anything I am doing is even making a difference.

When I think of celebrating accomplishments, I often equate the occasion with something impactful, like a sports championship, a personal milestone, or a life well-lived. My blog efforts don’t represent any of those.

I don’t have an impressive educational resume. I’m not a celebrity author or influential businessperson. My credentials are modest and I’m fine with that.

I write because it encourages me to keep learning and growing. If others benefit from what I share, I will always be grateful and humbled.

Might this blog still be going strong in another 12 years? I’m hoping to be retired long before that but who knows?

Meanwhile, thanks to my loyal readers and those who occasionally catch up with one of my posts. Join me in celebrating by committing, like me, to be a better leader every single day. If this blog is one source of your inspiration and learning I would love to hear from you.

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Ken Byler

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